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Congratulations to CAMX Pro Staffer Scott Esker who shot this magnificent 16pt Ohio Giant this past Wednesday. This deer is right at 200" gross with a broken main beam and G4. No doubt this buck grew the bone to be a 200 plus. Getting officially scored today by SCI. No matter what the numbers are this is a great buck.

Not just a crossbow hunter, Scott has killed 11 species with his vertical bow which include 2 P&Y Elk, Mountain Lion, Black Bear and 16 Whitetail Deer. His best is a Giant 240 3/8" gross Ohio Whitetail taken in 2008.

Mammal Deer hunting Reindeer Deer Elk

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Twin brother Steve Esker, who has 4 (YES four) 200" plus crossbow kills to his credit, shot this great 180" buck early this month. The Esker's like many are rocking the Chaos 325!

Mammal Deer hunting Trophy hunting Elk Wildlife biologist

Vertebrate Mammal Deer hunting Deer Reindeer
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