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another Tuning question

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I have a 2007 guardian. I am having trouble grouping at about the 30 yd range. 20 yds is good, and I just set a 40 yd pin, and can group 4 in the size of a tennis ball, but I can't seem to get a consistent group around 30 yds (will group ok, but usually on or two fly off). I took the bow to my archery shop yesterday, and he looked over everything, and said it all looked good. We went out and paper tuned it, and I was tearing nock high about an inch, and slightly left. he adjusted the rest, and it seems to be better, but not perfect. My other concern now, is that on the bow, the arrow seems to be running down hill slightly. Here is my specs, maybe someone has some ideas that might help.

2007 guardian 28.5" draw with D loop.
80lb limbs almost maxed out
Cabelas stalker extreme 65/80 (340) 9.3gpi
arrow length 27 3/8" from tip of nock to insert
100 gr tips
bowtech hostage rest