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I came out of the convenience store today and there was a couple guys in a pickup next to my car and they asked me what field archery was. I was kind of confused until I realized that I had put the NFAA sticker on the back windshield of my car. So I told them a bit about field archery. What the different rounds were, and how you shoot them, distances, etc. They asked if it was like 3D. So I explained the differences between 3D and field archery and how much fun they both were. We talked for a while longer and I told them about the NE Championships in Lunenburg MA and few other things.

On the way home I realized that the little sticker on the back of my car had introduced a couple guys to field archery. I have no idea if they'll get involved, but at least two more people know about it.

One of the things we can all do to help promote archery is to put the NFAA sticker on the back of our cars, wear a NFAA or NAA, or IBO, or ASA hat or tshirt. Then tell people about archery when they ask what the shirt, hat, etc means.

(I sent my boss and her husband to the NE Championships too. I don't know if they went, but now they know a bit more about organized archery too.)
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