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Another-what do you think he might score?

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A think most estimates are a little light.
I think you are right. This is a great typical buck. this is what I came up with and how.

g-1=10 g-1=10 Left beam =22 right beam= 22
g-2=11 g-2=11 Inside spread= 20
g-3=12 g-3=12
g-4=5 g-4=5

H-1=6 h-2=6
h-2=5 h-2=5
h-3=4 h-3=4
h-4=4 h-4=4 total=178

This may be a little high but I dont think by much very little in deductions. If you think my g points are too large. I am just going off of 7 inch ears and making a gage. good luck I hope you get him. That deer is champ!:)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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