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Antler restriction on public land in WV...

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There will be quite a few thousand acres set aside this year in West Virginia for antler restriction. 14" minimum outside spread and doe harvesting will be cut back in a lot of counties. I live close enough to hunt one of the Wildlife Management Areas and these rules go for bow, rifle and smoke pole.

Glad to see it happen.....:)
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I would for one love to see restrictions state wide.. It will be too hard to enforce this on WMAs and all.. Like was said end up with folks leaving deer lying around because it wasnt as big as they thought..If its statewide at least they more than likely would use the deer.. I think its catching on slowly in WV to start letting them grow . In some areas that is I know some still blast everything. All anyone has to do is look south.. I had the priveledge to hunt one of the bow only countys last season. Wow is all I can say. I seen more deer and 2 of the largest bucks I have ever seen.. And Sunday hunting is sweet.. At the risk of gettting baned from the state I wish it was archery only state wide.. LOL with at least 4 points on one side to be legal
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