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any help is appreciated!!!

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I am new to archery, the 1st time i shot was on Saturday. I am having a hard time at consistency. I cant seem to get the arrow where i want it, what can i do to change that? As far as my stance i put my feet forward and lined with my hips and my chin over my belly button which is lines right in the center of my feet and turn my head and then line my forefinger with my jaw and i use a release,, is there something i am missing?
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Work on proper form and technique first, if it was only your first time shooting. With a little practice your groups will shrink. Are you pulling too much weight so that you can't settle your pin?

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practice, practice, practice...

Any small difference can cause the inconsistency. There are a couple of things that you did not mention. The first is your hand.. the one holding the bow. Be sure you are not gripping the bow when you shoot. Get a wrist sling, so you dont have to worry about dropping it. You can keep all of your fingers extended, or lightly touch your thumb and forefinger. The bow should rest against the meaty part of your hand.

Another thing is to check your anchor points. You should have two, the finger along the jaw may work if you can keep it exactly the same every time. Be sure you have a bone to bone contact, so that it doesn't move. I put a knuckle in the little hollow under my ear. The second point should be the string touching your nose or cheek. These two with a peep/sight should help keep you on track.

Try some blank bale shooting (without a target) just to practice your form. Go through each step until it becomes a habit and feels natural.
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