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Saw and shot the whole line last night at Sportsmen's Center here in NJ.

I shot the VTEC...and ordered it last night! Waiting for the November shipments!

Definitely a great bow, shoots super smooth...but its not a blazing bow. In fact, only one in the Hoyt line is really what some consider on the "fast" side, which is the TurboTec.

But IMO, the TurboTec is a rough shooter...very short brace height at 6" and absolutely NO VALLEY on the shot. If you try to relax at all on your shot, it pulls you out of it. The riser on the TurboTec is pretty sweet though with those cool flame like extrusions. That was a definite eye catcher for me, but couldn't offset the bow's mechanics, draw cycle, and rough shooting. Some guys liked it, others didn't.

What's real nice is the swapable grips. I ordered the sideplates (also got to swap out and try them on the VTEC) and they are what absolutely made the bow for me...although you can do this with any of the Hoyt 2005 line. For me, the VTEC draws, holds, and shoots great...but taking off the standard grip and putting on just the side plates really made the package 100% awesome. But that all comes down to grip preference...for me, when I put the side plates on, the VTEC just melted in my hand.

Can't wait to get her! ;)

LOL would help if I helped ya out too! :)

Here's a link here on AT that shows pics and specs...
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