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I recently picked up one of the Covert Blackhawk 12.1 wireless trail cams for verizons network. I am having an issue with it and was hoping maybe someone is experienced with this cam and may be able to tell me what setting I have set wrong. I went through and activated the Cam on the Covert activation website. I then went through and set all of the settings on the actual cam going off a covert youtube video. I made the long drive out to some new hunting property I just setup a lease on and got my cam setup. I turned it on and decided to test it so i walked in front of it, red light turned on, I opened the cam back up and went back into setup mode and looked back through to see that it did in fact take the pictures correctly. I then deleted those pics and thought I had switched it back to "On" from the "setup" option. I should have tested out the wireless capability on the App before I left but I did not.

So... On my way home I decided to go on the app and take a real time picture. When I clicked the real time photo button it said something like "Signal sent" meaning that it successfully transmitted the real time photo request to the camera but no picture ever showed up. I tried this a few more times with no photo showing up. At this point I started to think that I must not have ever turned the cam back to the "On" setting and was kicking myself for making such a dumb mistake.

Fast forward to the next morning: I wake up to a notification on my phone of several photos it had taken at some time during the night or early morning. I was able to view these pictures. Since this point it has shown that no photos have been taken which is hard for me to believe. There has to have been a pic of a squirrel or something.

Anyone have any idea what I might have set wrong in the camera settings? I called Covert 5 times today and waited on hold to talk to somone for 30 minutes each time and then the phone would randomly end the call.
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