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instead of sulking I shot the whole summer from elevated positions. Swore off the Demons and moved on. Fast forward to next season I bagged a nice 10 with no problem!
I think it would amaze people how many archers that hunt from treestands never practice from one. There are many factors to be considered but it is a great thing to try. If you hunt really low and have a fast bow then things get less critical for sure but if you hunt high, take really close shots and your bows isn't super fast you can see why people miss often because of lack of practice or knowledge of the situation.

It's not like shooting 10 yards on flat ground when you are 20+ ft up. Many will say you don't need to be that high and you don't.........but if you hunt at 20 - 25 ft it offers you a lot more advantages you don't get a 12 ft I don't care what your back drop is. Plus in late season many of those back drops kinda' end up under yer' feet when you walk

So it's an easy fix to make these shots if you practice from a treestand before season starts. I have never met anyone that did that regretted it....most are happy they did an learn a lot....but it's pretty common to find people that regretted not doing it after they whiff or wound a deer.
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