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anyone got any good computer backgrounds

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lets see some pics...havin a hard time tryin to find one i like
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Go to the Yahoo home page, above the search bar, click on the word "images" and then inside the search bar type a word for the picture you're looking for and it'll show you several images.

After you type in a word in the search bar, it's best to type the word "wallpaper" after it, as this will give you larger images for a clear wallpaper picture. Like this: "mountain wallpaper". You'll want at least a 800 x 600 size picture, but a 1024 x 768 will be a more clear and crisp picture.

Take a look at the lack of "grainyness" in the two different images. This one's a 800 x 600.

This picture is a 1023 x 768 and is very clear.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57

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all you have to do is specify the size of picture your looking for say for instance my desktop is set at 1024x768 just do a google search for 1024x768 deer

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My computer background is a trailcam pic from two years ago..I dont think its gonna do you much good, but I like it for mine... Its me and my buddy walking back to the cabin after a morning hunt, in black and white..I usually switch mine up every once in awhile, but I like this pic alot...


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