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Anyone have issues with the Limbdriver and Alphamaxes?

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I had an extremely weird issue with the LD & my AM35. sev weeks ago There was a clearance issue that I could only cure with using feathers. Shot it through paper a a few times and it would bullethole, then fairly nock low, then close to a bullethole (same arrow), etc. Contact marks on my blazers and target residue (from the arrow) on the main stem of the launcher. It was like the arrows were getting slammed down into the launcher or the launcher was coming back up (bounceback).

Thought maybe spring tension was too loose or coming loose, so tightened that up, and did not help. Launcher by all accounts appeared to coming up fully at each shot, etc. But def showing contact on my blazers.

Groups of course were very poor. Scattergun.

Tried some feathers and groups tightened right up to smacking nocks. Also stiffer arrows (fletched with vanes) showed poor groups/contact.

Cams were timed/synched nuts as well- first thing we checked. Made sure all screws were tight, etc etc. All the basics.

Ended up putting a TT on the AM35 and it works well, but I'm determined to figure it out- FWIW- That same Limbdriver on my Admiral is dead nuts-no issues with contact, etc. I had it on my admiral first, no issues, then on the AM35 and problems, back on the Admiral and working fine again. This is a newer LD Pro I bought a couple months ago.

Any suggestions/thoughts?? (besides "stick with the TT" :rolleyes: )
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My gut reaction is a nock travel issue on the bow (common on many hoyts) and combined with the limb driver launcher being flexible. The trophy taker might be the best solution. Maybe some others with the same bow will respond.

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Admittedly I've not seen the nock travel tested on any of the newer Hoyts, but my original C.5 bows had very good nock travel-as good as most singles I'd had (and better than 90% of them).All of my CPS styled cam bows have been fantastic, whether Darton or Hoyt.

Anyone else?
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