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Also, how does it work with muzzle flip and bow movement?
I have a tactacam that mounts in the riser. I did not think the video was good for what I wanted. It was great first person until the shot. The bow shock didn't give a good sight picture of the actual shot. This is with all the stabilization. I ended up buying the head mount and trying to film the hunt first person view that way. The head mount worked better, but the camera had some issue where the main button stopped working so I haven't used it this year. Looking back, I think I wasted my money. I tree stand / tripod hunt, so if I was to try filming my hunts again, I'd get a good camcorder and tree mount and just put it behind me / over my shoulder. Probably be much cheaper and get better video with the camcorder. If you look at all the youtube videos, the self filmed ones are done with video cameras, not body cams or bow mounted cameras.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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