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Anything new on Marquis centershot

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I've done some reading (here and elsewhere) about problems getting the Marquis to center down the middle of the riser shelf. Mine centers so far to the right is impossible to get clearance. It seems this problem has gotten worse and I can't figure out why. I would think the only variable is the string and cables that might be making this problem worse. Cam lean looks good, specs are touch off. Axle length is an 1/8" long and brace height is 1/8" short. I'm afraid to to twist cables because I'm starting to get some seperation on the bus cable by the cam. I've been told this is "normal". I have a new string coming this week I believe so I am hoping this may help my problem.

I've read one solution is to remove the cable roller/suppresor and replace it with an aftermarket cable guard. I can't find it anywhere.

Are there any other solutions to this problem?

Please do me a favor and don't respond by saying that yours is fine. If it is fine offer suggestions as to why it may be fine.
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I have the same problem and I have read the same posts as you seem to have read. I would like to know more about this also. We should contact Diamond asap. Otherwise I would like to know about this after market cable guard that brings contentment.
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