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Archery and racing?????

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Well it's certainly been a while since I have made a post on this site, but I find myself just a tiny bit confused by the latest schedule submitted on the NAA's new official web site (which I like, but is harder to find what you are looking for - subject for another post perhaps).

If we take a look at August 8-14 on our trusty schedule, we have "Speedweek - Southern California Timing Assoc." listed as an event. :set1_thinking:

Next we have Aug 30 - Sep 3, the "BUB Intl. Motorcycle Speed Trials" in Bonneville :***:

On Sep 16-19, we have "World of Speed (Utah Salt Flats Racing Assn), again in Bonneville. :no:

On Sep 20-26, it looks like Cook Motorsports is holding a FIA-FIM Speed Trials, again in Bonneville. :twitch:

And finally, on October 7-10, there must be a motorsports World Finals being held once again in Bonneville. :frusty:

I personally am so glad that I now know speedweeks schedule, and will be setting my dvd to record something else during that time. What in the world is going on? I certainly hope tournaments are not scheduled arround this persons personal life, but it looks like the two are quite intermingled for some reason. It seems to me that this is totally :eek:t: and should probably not show up on the schedule..........ya think?

Am I out of line here?


p.s. I sure do hope they post the results of the races so we can follow along :smile_red_bike:
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