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Archery Kinetics Stabs

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I tried from Archery Kinetics and tested the stabs:
I placed at my Slayer with Cat camsthe following stabs
1x AKS 30"
1x AKS 10" sidebar
3x tuners

I also attached a AGF-V bar and a Golfball (why don't ask, its a long story)

I was used to shoot with an other brand, but I wanted to shoot something else. And I didn't regret it that I tried it, Cause its still on.
These stabs have a great absorbtion and are easy to adjust with the mass weights. I got 3 weights with it, that means that everyone can put the weight in which he likes.
I shot it with one weight in the front and one at the side bar.
I was sold directly. The vibration is fully absorbed by the stabs and the 3 tuners I placed in.

It gives me a great feeling, or better said, it give no bad feelings, so it can't effect my shooting negatief.
When you feel the shot in your hand or any vibration try the stabs from Archery Kinetics and probably you say the same as I do.

at the pic you see the components of the setup.
The wraps I put on are from Bohning.