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Archery Research Bows!!

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Are these good bows or what? I need to upgrade and do not know where to start.
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I Love Mine

I have shoot Bowtech bows religously for the past several years now, after a mishap with my Pro 38, I began to shoot differnt brands AGAIN. I shot Mathews, Bowtech, AR, Hoyt, Concept, Parker, Darton, after it was all said and done, i purchased an AR 37 Blade. This isn't the fastest bow i shot, it has much more hand shock than most, and its not screaming fast, its not even quiet, but it was the only thing i shot half as well as i did my Pro 38. Like was posted earlier, Shoot them all, see what you like. As for the quality of the AR and PSE line, I truly believe that they are just as good as the big three.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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