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Archery Research Bows!!

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Are these good bows or what? I need to upgrade and do not know where to start.
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Well after family friend who has bow shop got fed up[ with Point Shoot Explode and thier sc**wing the dealers (and Don has been a PSE dealer for long time ,,well way back in the 80's so if he dumped them go figure. He now carries Bowtech, Diamond and Parker.
Another dealer around has PSE,AR,Browning and Forge,,, may have other brands ,,not sure.
This guy bragged on AR and fter trying to shoot one I gave up,, it was ALMOST as hard to draw/shoot as a Hoyt (and I had a Trykon XL blow up in my face while shooting).
I shot Low end Martins,Fred Bear, Ross, Bowtech, Diamond, Parker, I did get to shoot a Forge, too.
Well I also tried 2 different Mathews dealers, then found a bow I like.
I had already got a bow from neighbors wife, a Parker Buck Hunter,,, very sweet for lower end bow and it helped them out too.
Now I have my XT and actually I even got a new wood grip for my Parker to replace the rubber pos.
Shoot lots of brands and models before buying anything.:darkbeer:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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