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Archery Seminar
April 19th & 26th, 8 hours each day
Bucks County Fish & Game Association, Doylestown PA

Presenters: Dave Eiger and Doc Satterfield

This was a very informative, enjoyable event. All attendees had a good time and learned quite a bit about many aspects of archery. Attendees consisted of seasoned target and 3D archers, hunters and the serious competitor. The presentations were well done and plenty of shooting/equipment time was incorporated. Many of the archers discovered new information even on subjects they thought they were well versed on.

Day 1
The first part of the seminar was a very in-depth presentation and discussion of:
Bows – types, riser options
Limbs – reflex, deflex, straight
Cam systems
Bow selection – hunting, target, 3D
Rests – types
Sights – pins / scopes
Peeps and clarifiers
Stabilizers – hunting, target, v-bars
Strings and Cables
Archery software programs

Shot sequence – each participant was then directed to write down their shot sequence. This could include taking actual shots and documented the steps in their sequence. Once completed each archer stepped to the shooting line and received individual evaluation of how their written shot sequence matched their actual sequence. Shot sequence steps were evaluated and documented so each individual now had a complete and accurate documentation of their shot sequence.

Day 2

The day started with a discussion on tools for an archer’s toolbox, i.e. bow square, nocking pliers, hex key set, e-clip tool, digital scale, knife, etc.

The next segment involved form analysis with video review. Each participant was videoed from 3 angles, shooting 3 arrows from each angle and then each archer’s shooting form was reviewed and critiqued; positive aspects were reinforced and suggested adjustments were identified.

A bow press was available for demonstration and actually working on your bow, if desired. The proper methods for pressing and working on your bow were discussed and demonstrated.

While the press was being utilized we had the opportunity to shoot various bows with different releases, scopes and sights, stabilizers, etc.

A very interesting presentation was completed on maintaining your balance during your complete shot sequence. This included each participant’s hands-on exercise with a balance board.

Target analysis- one of the last presentations was on target analysis by quadrants. Each archer stepped to the shooting line and sent five arrows to their target; then each individuals target was analyzed with a discussion for all on what tendencies may have an archer shooting left, right, high or low. It was beneficial to hear how various aspects of an archer’s form or equipment will affect target impact.

The interactive discussions between Dave, Doc and the participants were enjoyable, informative and led to plenty of food for thought.

An assignment was given to the participants choosing to participate. During the next 30 days as you shoot record your shots by quadrant so a comprehensive target analysis could be completed.

Dave and Doc stated that they may hold more seminars in the coming months exploring additional aspects of archery. I will look forward to them and recommend it to anyone interested in a quality archery seminar within driving distance of Doylestown PA.
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