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This response got way longer than expected, but I hope someone finds it useful!
For anyone just entering the minimalist shoe market, here are some recommended brands to explore:
Xero Shoes
- all barefoot, hyper-minimalist, athletic shoes. Good variety. Okay price.
Merrell - some barefoot ("glove") and some regular shoes. Good price.
Altra - all zero drop but standard thickness running and trail/hiking shoes. Good if you want a regular feeling shoe that's zero drop.
Inov-8 - variety of athletic shoes ranging from normal to minimalist. Great for durability.
Vivobarefoot - variety of athletic and casual barefoot shoes, good if you want quality and money is not a problem.
Feelgrounds and Groundies - barefoot casual shoes. Probably fine for archery but not intense sports. Good if you want to wear a regular-looking street shoe to help transition into minimalist
Good list!
If you can handle the weird looks and the constant question of "What are you wearing?" then I'd highly recommend Vibram Five Fingers. A great shoe for that minimalist/bare foot
581 - 585 of 585 Posts
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