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Archery Software Sight Mark Estimation Accuracy AM(web), AA, OT2, TAP, and X-Sight

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I entered my 20yard and 80yard marks into five archery software programs and compared the resulting estimated sight marks with my actual sight marks. The programs I tested were
  • Archers Mark Web (AM)
  • Archers Advantage (AA)
  • OnTarget2/Software For Archers
  • The Archery Program (TAP)
  • X-Sight (X)

In these two graphs I show the marks with average error, maximum error, and total error computed over the two ranges: 20 yards to 80 yards, and 20 feet to 90 meters.

(Note 20f to 15 yards, and 90 meter marks are extrapolations outside the reference marks which is much harder than estimations between the reference marks.)

Archery Software Evaluation 20y to 80y
View attachment ArcherySoftware20to80.pdf

Archery Software Evaluation 20 feet to 90 meters
View attachment ArcherySoftwareReview20f_90m.pdf

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20y to 80y Summary for worst estimated mark

20y to 80y summary:

Ranking from best to worst estimated mark
  1. Archers Advantage 0.2 (0.9%)
  2. Archers Mark Web 0.2 (1.3%)
  3. TAP The Archery Program 0.3 (1.6%)
  4. X-Sight 0.3 (1.6%)
  5. OnTarget2 0.5 (3.1%)
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