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They look different in Lancasters, no colorful bullseye. Just plain white. Looks boring,unless there is a covering for it that I am missing?
You buy a FITA target face
and stick the target face on the target.

The FITA target face has all the colored rings.

Here is a link to purchase a tyvek (plastic material)
FITA target face that looks like the picture you posted.

You use plastic pins (push through each corner of the target face)
to hold the target face onto the target backing (round Whitetail target).

You will need to build or buy a easel style stand
to hold up the target at the correct angle and height for FITA style practice.

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Is there any special reason why you want that particular target? Because it's a type which is used mainly for tournaments and recreational archery ranges.

If you want a target for personal use, are you familiar with Morrell bag targets? Morrell also makes a nice, portable aluminum stand for their bag targets and it's a handy combination to carry around in a car trunk or to and from your shooting spots.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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