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Sage Jr. is 6 and has got into collecting trading cards. He don't care what they are, he thinks they are the best thing since Thomas the train and John Deere tractor toys.

I found my old collections and gave them to him yesterday with the pages in a 3-ring binder and all.

I had them all sorted, but he started pulling them out and redoing it the way he likes. :D

Anyways, I know there are some Mathews and M4L archery trading cards circulating around now and I thought it would be cool if I could score some of them for him.

Let me guys know if you can help a brotha out or not.

Thanks in advance,


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I've recently started looking into this kind of collecting. Something to put on the shop wall behind my bowpress or something. I haven't really found anything online about it other than a handful of cards on EBay that are less than $5 each, and amazon has the same ones for $20 or more. I've checked the websites of Topps and other brands but can't find any information on archery Cards or collections either. Anyone out there actually have a collection? olympic archers maybe? or manufacturers sponsored teams by years or regions?
just curious if this is even a possible endeavor.
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