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Archery trainer?

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I would like to find out if a trainer would be obtainable in my area of Sheboygan WI.

I would like to get some professional pointers on my form and overall setup. I shoot pretty darn well for my setup and I know I could be darn good. I seem to have good focus. This would probably be just for my interest for time is tight to actually shoot in tourney's. I would just stick with leagues. But I would like to shoot as good as I could, and I would like to remove some inconsistancy. And how much would a trainer cost? That is the deciding factor, or should I stick with the proshop shooters, And those at league? Just not sure if they may get me going on a bad habit.
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basiclly I just want to know what if anything I am doing right, and what I need to improve on. I have some good archers at the league I shoot, but they don't always know what they are looking at. They can just plain shoot, they got lucky and figured out what worked for them.
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