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Buy any two logbooks from my website and get one of your choice for free.
Just write in when you paypal the payment which type you would like for free.

The 5 spot logbook holds 45 rounds and has 5 pages in the back for notes. You can mark the date, location, conditions, and score. It measures about 4"x6".

The 5 spot book prices are (shipping not included)
$4.99 for 1 book
$8.99 for 2 books
$12.99 for 3 books
$15.99 for 4 books

The vegas logbook holds 30 rounds. You can mark the date, location, score along with marking the arrows impact point on the miniature scoring ring. The back of the page is used to note the conditions, equipment, and other notes you may have. This books measures about 4"x7".

The vegas books are (shipping not included)
1 - $4.99
2 - $9.99
3 - $12.99
4 - $15.99

The 3D logbook holds 20, 30 target rounds. These were setup so you can use them for ASA, IBO and any other scoring variation. These allow you to mark the date, location, conditions, equipment, target type, your arrow impact, score, estimated distance, actual distance, shot angle, target angle and general notes. These measure about 5"x8".

The 3D books are (shipping not included)
1 - $5.99
2 - $10.99
3. - $14.99
4 - $ 18.99

These logbooks are also available at or here in the classifieds. Also ask about special pricing on orders of 20 or more!!


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