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Are CX300s ok for my set up?

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I'm shooting 26.5" @ 60 lbs. Don't know if these arrows are good for my bow or not, since they were given to me. The price was right, but I want to make sure they aren't way off. I don't know much about arrows, other than that these are 8.1 gpi, and they are a good brand. He had a 30" draw length, so I know that can make a difference in what arrow is ideal.
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Not great. Way too stiff. You should probably shoot a CX200 if you can find any. In fact, at the specs you list you are fairly close to being able to shoot an arrow with a 500 spine. CX arrows were a premiere arrow just a couple years ago and they would still be if Carbon Express still made them.

Thatdoesn't mean you can't use them to practice and learn if you are a new shooter. They just won't group as well as a properly spined arrow. What you might want to do is find someone you can trade with.
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