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Are single-pin sights limiting for deer hunting?

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I'm new to archery and plan to buy my first bow soon. Whitetail deer hunting and informal target shooting are my two current interests.

I'm also researching accessories, including sights. One bow I recently shot had a single-pin HHA sight installed. The construction and simplicity of this sight got my attention.

Here's the question: is a single-pin sight adequate for most deer hunting scenarios? Somebody told me that the Bowtech Tribute I was checking out doesn't need more than a single pin because the bow is "fast" enough to shoot an arrow flat for 20-25 yeards or less. I can't imagine taking a shot any further than that.

Is the statement about the single-pin sight true, false or somewhere in between? I'm confused and would really appreciate your opinions.


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If you are going to limit yourself to 25 yards than you would be perfect with that sight. Yes you will be pretty flat out to 25 with that bow more so if your draw is long. My friend shoots 29" with the tirbute and his pins are so close together it almost looks like 1 pin
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