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Are you consistently harvesting mature whitetails?

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I wana see who on this site is living in the areas and spend the time to do it. I also love seeing the pics where people have taken all the deer they have harvested and put them on a barn wall or some sort of out door scenery display. Ive wanted to do it for years but every year I say, let me shoot one more giant...........and so on. Post em'
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As sad as it is in my area a 2 or 3 year old is a mature animal. Very few 4 and 5 year olds around here. I've been fortunate enough to take 6 'mature' buck around here in the past 8 years. Ranging from 100" to 137". Not the 140"+ 4 year olds and older that you're thinking of though. I wish more people....let me rephrase that....I wish anyone around here would actually let a legal buck live. I hope to have a nice wall some day. I love the wall pics also. Right now it's just 4 heads, 2 euro mounts and 1 regular old antler on a plaque. For the past 3 seasons I've logged between 200 and 312hrs each year in a stand. This season should be another 250+ year.
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