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So I spent Wednesday and Thursday doing a lot of shooting, trying out some new Maxima 250's and generally just enjoying this pre Autum, sunny high 70 degree Michigan weather (after all the rain lately). Anyway, I'm flinging arrows from 40 yds when the trigger on my Carter 2 Shot goes dead. After a quick look, I notice that the large pin had obviously fallen out. No luck finding it in the grass, so I call Carter like 10 minutes later. A very polite guy answers and I explain to him what had just happened, and that I had just purchased not one, but two of these releases brand new not more than two months ago. He asks me for my mailing info and tells me he'll ship me an extra pin. I'm thinking at this point "Gee, that's mighty nice of him". Then he says the pins will cost $2.00 each! What?! Are you kidding me?! I say. The pin fell out due to no fault of mine, and the way I see it, it's a manufacturer defect. Well, that's about all it took, and he says he'll mail them out free of charge. That's more like it. I was a bit aggravated at first, but at least they figured the importance of standing behind their product. After all, Carter releases are probably one of the finest releases produced today, as far as I'm concerned anyway. Thank you Carter.
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