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What do you folks find works best for removing old adhesive off an arrow when refletching?

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You didn't say what kind of arrow you were using. If aluminum I scape the shaft lightly with a dull knife getting the vane/feather off and then use a spot of laquer thinner on a rag to clean it. I don't know if you should use this on carbons or not. On carbons that I use now I still remove the old vane/feather with dull knife, being careful not to cut into the carbon. I use 4/0 steel wool to prep the shaft, if you missed any glue you will see a shiney spot after buffing with the steel wool. After all the glue is off I then wipe down the shaft with a spot of alcohol on a rag and dry off and fletch it. I recommend Saunders NPV glue for carbons, it will work on aluminums as well,haven't had any complaints with it so far. I fletch about 10 dozen arrows a year, for myself and friends.
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