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Arrow dilemna...

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I'm pretty new to the archery world and curently have a Bowtech Gurdian. Got an 82nd on the way to me in the mail...

My bro. in law got me started in all of this and he had been shooting carbon express arrows. I decided to change it up a bit and go with Axis N-fused. Both of these arrows are pretty top of the line, but here is my delimna:

The Carbon Express have a metal ring attatched to the insert (protecting the tips of the arrow shaft. The Axis N-fused do not which has caused a lot of broken / messed up arrows (splintering is occuring where the tip of the arrow meets the back of the field tip / broadhead). This only happens when I'm shooting gophers with judo's. Splintering does not occur with the Carbon Express.

On the flip side, I like the narrow diameter of the Axis N-fused over the thicker Carbon Expresses...

My Question:
Does anybody have any suggestions on either strengthening the Axis N-fused? Or are there other arrows out there that have an equally thin diameter and covered inserts?

Any and all help will be extremely appreciated... Those little buggers are expensive, but over-all I'm just trying to find the best ones for me. Thanks!
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King_ja! Your problem is shared by many other's. the Axis's are a great arrow as long as you never miss! The hidden insert is a great idea but makes for a weak arrow when you hit rocks and the like. Gets to be pretty expencive also...

I've been shooting Lightspeeds with the Uni bushings and g-nocks for years now because the tend to hold up better on the rocky terrain of Arizona. The inserts and bushings go over the carbon and protect the shaft from splintering! My buddy, when he first started went with Eastons FMJ and every time he missed a target...he had a runied arrow. He now shoots Lightspeeds and they hold up alot better!

There really isent a way to strenghen the Axis' maybe ditch them. Plus they're kind of heavy. Take a look at Victory arrows! The Vforce and VforceHV with pin nocks! Very good Carbon and the inserts protect the shaft. If your going to shoot 3d or target, look at their Nano line. Skinny shaft to help with wind drift and they also can have pin nocks installed. They say they're good for hunting as well.

Hope this can help you out! If your like me and Hate when you break an arrow...It's time to find a Stronger One!

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