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I recently purchased a doz. arrows reccomended by local pro shop,that I think may be wrong for me. I was shooting PSE x weave 200's and went with the 300's.

I cut,fletched 1/2 doz. to see if I liked them.
They shot O.K. but I have since purchased On Target and checked them w/ it and they are "way over spined".They shoot similiar to the 200's for me.

Here's my set up

2007 PSE diablo sd,
68# draw weight,
26" draw length,
VT strings,
24" shaft length,
super duece peep
100g. field points ,
blazer vanes ,
beiter nocks

I checked many different arrows w/ on target and most are overspined, is the 24" shaft length causing this? (now about 1" past W.B.)

I want to stay close to 350g total arrow weight.

I mostly hunt and target shoot (non competition)

Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong

I don't want to cut or fletch the other 1/2 doz. if they are completely wrong for my set up.

All the spine and arrow #'s confuse me sometime.

I'm not an arrow "fan boy",so not really an issue.

Any recommendations or suggestions?

Thanks !!
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