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Arrow Rest Arm in Reference to Berger Hole

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On my Allegiance the berger holes are low. So if you set up an arrow rest like an LD and center the arrow across the berger hole, the arm cannot fall flat. When it drops the arm is sticking up not laying flat. You can decrease the angle of the arm and get it to work but the arrow gets a bit jumpy on the draw. If I leave the arm angle as it was the arrow will ride with the bottom of the arrow running through the top of the berger holes in order for it to drop flat and allow better clearence. Thoughts? I did trace the arm (Of an LD) on an index card and in the sketch I shortened the length a bit. I even traced in the arrow containment arms. I will then take it to a machine shop and have a new arm made that is shorter. It should allow the arrow to ride through the center of the holes and drop flat. It may do the trick.