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Arrow safety question

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Hey guys, I recently had a Victory V-Tac 23 with a 380 spine hit a wood fence (I flinched, ok...:rolleyes:), the only damage to it is a surface scratch that does not appear to have penetrated the outer coating on the carbon. I had someone else examine the arrow, and they claimed that there is a tiny bulge feeling a few inches from the tip of the arrow, however, I cannot see or feel it myself. Any ideas about the safety of the arrow?
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Flex the arrow, lots of arrows hit hard objects and are perfectly fine. If you hear anything while flexing it or see any damage then toss it. It’s good practice to flex your arrows regardless of a good or bad hit, I’m constantly flexing my arrows and have randomly found a coupe over the years that will just snap in half while flexing without any reason that I know of. I especially make sure to check them if I’m group shooting.
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