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I went to the Archery Store to purchase some new arrows to close to the opening day of hunting season. I am at 67 lbs with a 25" arrow and a single cam bow. He said the 2114 would be a good arrow, he was looking at the chart. The next day i went in to pick my arrows up and a different guy says there underspined. I looked at the chart, and sure enough underspined. I was still shooting bullet holes, so i thought they would be good. After that I went and shot down at the Hunter Ed center, and they had a 2001 arrow chart that said my arrows were in fact the correct spline. My brodhead flight disagrees.

So what are my options.
I can think of a couple that will work for me.
1. decrease draw weight
2. Buy new arrows. and waist $67

needless to say I was not happy, because one I had to go back 4 times before my arrows were finsihed, they kept saying thell be done tomorrow. and two they did not build them the way I wanted, and last but not least they are the wrong spline.

What would you do in this situation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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