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Arrow weight

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Could someone please tell me what my arrow weight is? They are Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter 350. The arrow is 29" long from the insert to the inner part of the nock. My nocks are Blazers 2" in lenght 3 are used. Im trying to see if my bow is inline with all of thoses arrow speed charts. The local shop said with 100 grain field point my speed was 293 fps. Im pulling 63# at 29" draw, I also use a peep-sight. I will tell you thanks now.
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Your arrows will be about 426 grains. Having said that the speed estimate I came up with was 275 fps or so and the 293 fps you were told seems high. I know Hoyt's tend to be a little above their ibo but that is a massive jump. I could be wrong on the speed thing so take it with a grain of salt.
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