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Arrows: GT Pro Hunters or Trophy Ridge??

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I am really torn between which arrows to get.. I have it narrowed down to the Gold Tip Pro Hunters and the Trophy Ridge Crush arrows. What do you guys think?

Also, if I am right between two shaft sizes, should I choose the heavier of the two? Im not going to be over-spined am I?
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Goldtips by far....when you are split between two spines, go with the stiffer shaft, esp. for BH's.....generally you'll bet better flight and penetration.....:cocktail:

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Always go on the stiffer side with your choice. As far as the arrows go, I used GT Pro's for a good bit. They are a great arrow and shoot very well. I think for the price and the specs on them you'd be hard pressed not to buy them. That being said, I have had no experience with Trophy Ridge Arrows.

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