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As the leaves change.......

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As the leaves change

As the leaves change and summer bids farewell, i feel a change in myself. As the nights get cooler and days get shorter, something inside is re-emerging. after a few long months of household chores, mowing grass, and some evening fishing trips, it is finally becoming my time once again. the predator inside is awakening from its summer nap.
i look at the woods in a different light, i pay closer attention to the passing flocks of ducks, and listen a little closer as the old timers at the gas station speak of big deer and where they've been seen. i notice the well worn deer trails coming off the banks of the old dirt roads, i make a mental note of where i see does and fawns on the way to work, for i know that where there are doe there soon will be bucks. even in this time of $4.00 a gallon gas, i take the long way to and from work, just to keep a distant eye on some of my haunts.
it is this time of year that i live for. i can only imagine that the native americans and frontiersman who hunted the same hollows and creek bottoms that i now hunt, felt the same excitement, once autumn made its arrival. this time of the year brings friends and family together year after year.
As i grow older the thrill of the hunt is not so much the kill as it is the traditions and memories made. so as Fall has come and the air grows cool, my senses become sharper and i realize that once again the Hunter has awoken.
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