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ASA and Field Archery

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I just read a thread that stated that we might have a chance to have a field shoot at the asa shoots next year. Is this for real? Also in the thread it was also stated that it might be a lake of the woods type round or a 20 target international instead of a 28 target field round any thing to this?
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Unofficially, a couple of us have decided to approach Mike T. of ASA regarding the possible introduction of NFAA to one or more ASA events next year. There is absolutely nothing in concrete other than an idea which some feel has merit. The goal is to introduce 3D shooters to field archery in an innocuous environment. My personal concept is to discuss introducing a 10 target side event similar to the marked yardage shoot, which employs a modified international round in a field archery environment. Just like the marked 3D event, there would be a nominal entry fee with payback.

There are no NFAA nor ASA officials involved at this time.
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