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The ASAT Elite Ultimate series has finally arrived in the warehouse.

A quiet brushed flat finish (no shine) and soft black lining make the Ultimate Jacket and Pant super silent, windproof, waterproof and breathable!

Natural body vapor escapes, exterior moisture stays out for maximum comfort! The highly breathable core membrane provides a waterproof, windproof shield against even the most extreme conditions. The inside layer is soft, warm, silent and breathable and promotes limitless freedom of motion.

The Ultimate Jacket and Pant is treated with Lotus NanoBarrier Eco-Friendly Fabric Treatment: The super-hydrophobic surface structure of the Lotus leaf allows it to repel water and dirt in some of the planets most challenging environments. The Lotus NanoBarrier fabric treatment imbeds nano particles into the cloth, bionically duplicating the leaf of the Lotus. The durable, eco-friendly barrier allows natural body moisture to escape while blocking rain, other external moisture and debris.

The proprietary treatment creates an air barrier between water drops and the fabric, causing water to roll off, washing away debris and odor-causing contaminates in the process. This self-cleaning process minimizes wash times and requires less detergent.

Additionaly, the Lotus NanoBarrier lasts up to 2-1/2 times longer than other water repellent treatments. The non-toxic, hypoallergenic treatment will not harm humans or the environment. Garments treated with the Lotus NanoBarrier are perfect for hunters and other eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts who spend time afield no matter what the conditions. No UV brighteners

Here are the prices:

Elite Ultimate Jacket: Sm - 3XL = $185.00
Elite Ultimate Pant: Sm - 3XL = $160.00

As always FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states !

Pm me with questions.

Thanks, FF
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Here are pics of the Jacket, it has zippered vent openings on the side under the arm, a removable hood, zippered pockets and zippered cuffs.

This suit may be the quitest suit I have ever seen. The material and construction is awesome !

Enjoy !


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How much insulation? Are these considered a good cold weather jacket? I would consider a parka good for real cold weather?

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They are not as heavy as the ASAT Parka was, that was designed specifically form very cold temps. This is more of a good all around suit.

These should be very warm with thermal layers on underneath for cold temps. and should be quite comfortable early season with light clothing underneath.

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