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Anyone own the 3D leafy camo from asat ? If so can you tell me what the material is like. Thanks
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The leafy suits have a thin, lightweight but strong fabric. HAs a net type fabric with the leafy material on top of it. Lightweight and moes like real leaves when the breeze hits it.

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I have my ASAT on the way. With the 3D you can wear it over most warm clothes. Or in warm weather you can go light weight like shorts and t-shirts underneath and such.

In another post that did a comparison some people were concerned that the ASAT was to light. Actually ASAT becomes darker when put into that situation you know with no sunlight or dark surroundings, but it does absorb what ever tones are around you that's why I like this stuff. And it works great when in bright conditions.

I've done my tests just like everyone else, you just go with what works best for your terrain and situation.
There is no right or wrong, just choices.

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