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assistance for the visually handicapped

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Some of our archers are visually handicapped suffering from various degrees of diabetis retinopathy, retinities pigmentosa and glaucoma. They are so enthusiastic about archery and are trying to find ways and means to conquer their defective visions. Now they have attached a LED light to their sights to guide them when aiming. They have been told by their doctors that their desease could not be cured.

It would be most welcome if anyone here could suggest some means to aid these visually handicapped archers.

We are all in Singapore and shoot mostly indoors @ 15 m. & 18 m. distances. The glaring tropical sun is damaging to aged eyesights and the visually handicapped archers so we avoid shooting in outdoor ranges. All of us are compound bow archers.

One of the visually blind archers has improvised by constructing a board to guide their bow arm but this is not practical for use.

One of our technical colleges had tried to invent a magnetic board to guide the aiming process but this failed too.