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Everything that says "Used" was only a handful of times or Only Once. All the "New" stuff was just extras or back ups that never got used, most I have the original bag and tags.

Only selling since I am switching everything over to Cipher. Selling the Sanctuary set since I prefer my Incinerator set from Sitka. Still a great set just prefer the Sitka over it.

Uncompahgre Puffy Fusion/Med $225.00(New)

Corrugate Pants Fusion/Med (Used) $125.00-PENDING SALE

Chama Hoody Fusion/Med $110.00(used)

Wilkin Half Zip Fusion/Med(New) $100.00

Minaret SS Fusion/Med (New) $70.00

Uncompahgre Pants Fusion/Med (New) $200.00

Boundary Stormtight Pants Fusion/Med (New) $225.00

Vapor light Jacket Fusion/Lg (Used Once) $275.00

Traverse Gaiters Dry Earth/Large/XL (Used) $35.00

Brambles Gaiters Fusion/Medium (New) $75.00

Sanctuary Bibs Cipher/Medium(New) $315.00

Sanctuary Jacket Cipher/Medium (New) $375.00

Side Note:I'll get the remainder of the pics up shortly.

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