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At our local 3D shoot the other day....

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We were shooting at Sage's shoot and one of the guys in our group shot a 12. My brother said he was going to aim for the guys nock and he did just that. He robinhooded is arrow on the course. Of course we joked with him and said he got a zero since his arrow wasn't in the foam. Very cool to witness on the range. What made it so funny was before we shot I robinhooded an arrow on the practice range.
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Dad called this one on the 8th or 9th target.
He was cock of the walk for the rest of the day carrying it around in his quiver.
Funny thing was, he was shooting my arrow from the previous year, and hit my arrow from this year. Cost me $20 bucks in arrows for HIS robinhood.

He placed third.
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