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3D Archers of Alberta​

It is time to dedicate time and energy to 3D archers province-wide. We need to:
A. have an executive committed to one discipline of archery – 3D
B. move away from the ATAA which has a mandate that is too large at this time
C. develop programs dedicated to the 3D Archers of Alberta
D. foster and expand the practice of 3D archery and the spirit of good fellowship among archers

The Alberta Bowhunters and Archers Association (ABAA) is the archery association in Alberta that is recognized by the Provincial Government and the Federation of Canadian Archers (FCA). Many years ago, the ABAA split into two organizations – the Alberta Target Archers Association (ATAA) and the Alberta Bowhunters Association (ABA) – so that each could dedicate itself to one aspect of archery (target and hunting). These two organizations are under the ABAA umbrella association. The Provincial Government provides funding to the ABAA which, in turn, splits it between the ATAA and ABA.

According to the Alberta Societies Act “Section 31:
(1) A society may establish and maintain one or more branch societies.
(2) A branch society shall have the powers, not exceeding the powers of the society, that the society may from time to time confer.”
(copied from the Alberta Government web site – Societies Act)

Therefore, some members of the Provincial Association are calling for a meeting to:

1. establish the “3D Archers of Alberta” (3DAA) association as a branch of the ABAA
2. adopt the 3DAA constitution
3. elect an executive
4. set membership fees

The meeting will be held:
August 28, 2005 at 1:00 p.m.
at the
1612 – 2 Avenue South, Lethbridge, AB

for further information contact:
Monica Higgins (403) 320-0565 or Jude Hooey (403) 381-2697

If you can’t attend, but have comments, you can fax them to (403) 381-2697 or email to [email protected] or [email protected].

Please share this with your 3D friends.

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just a quick bump to the top .... thats this sunday ....

hope to see alot of people there
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