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Attn Darrin M >-----> Which course

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ok.....what time Friday is your scheduled arrival and which course are we playing

a) fita course
b) field course
c) 3d course
d) none of the above

now keep in mind....PINEHURST is merely 40 minutes away.....and i have just come off playing like 20 rounds of golf......last round keep in mind....6 birdies ....2 on front 9 and 4 on back 9

and which day is the race on this weekend....sat or sunday????
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· Simon Cowel of AT
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I will ba at Crerighton Farms..... I double booked and am stuck at the Ritz... Sorry I just OBT'd ya....

I do have 2 extra race tickets if you know anybody interested. Hink is on his way Thursday.....
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