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It looks like there are 8 bows in the picture and if you paid $200 for them, that's $25 each. Not a bad deal IF:
There are no splits.
There are no twisted limbs.
And, and, and...
The only way true value can be determined will be for an interested buyer to check out a bow in person...'s only worth what a buyer is willing to pay, NOT what you are asking.
Ebay is full of over priced bows.
I've watched $300 Bear recurve bows get relisted over and over all winter long.
If you think you are sitting on a gold mine, you are in for a disappointment, sorry.
If 6 of those 8 bows are in shootable condition, you might recoup your 200 and make 50 or 75 bucks.
Every summer shoot I attend usually has a table of used bows for sale. (Recurves) And they never go anywhere because they are over priced.
You are competing with brand new take down recurves for under $200.
Take them to your local bow shop and see if any are shootable.
From there see if you can find an old recurve shooter to give you some value for selling. They might even know of potential buyers.
That's my 2 cents, for what that's worth.

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Im interested in recurves. I have never shot one but compounds are getting too pricey for all the pieces needed. If one would fit a long draw shooter (no idea if recurves go to 32.5"dl comparable to compound) I would be interested in starting trad archery and I guess i have to start somewhere
There's alot to trad archery, and alot to learn.
Get with a local club and seek out the trad guys.
Explain what you would like to do.
Do not put on "airs".
Do not think that compound knowledge will transfer over to trad.
Consider this:
Trad is like golf. Compound is like shooting a rifle.
You might be a great shooter, but that doesn't mean you will be a great golfer.
Shooting trad will mess with your compound shooting and visa-versa.
Some will pooh-pooh that statement.
Once you shoot a trad bow, the bug either bites or it does not.
If it does, sell your compound and don't look back.
Red pill...
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