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axle to axle question

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If you had 2 bows 41in axle to axle one with parallel limbs one with standard more upright limbs , wouldnt the parallel limb bow have a higher axle to axle distance at full draw , there by being more stable . Or even a shorter axle to axle parallel limb bow at full draw would have the same axle to axle as a longer traditional limbed bow at full draw . any thoughts?
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....if you take a parallel limb bow and a traditional limb bow, both with 13" limbs and 7" BH the traditional limb will have less reflex in the riser and therefore be easier to order for a parallel limb bow to have a decent BH with a regular length limb they design it with a reflex riser which detracts from shootability by moving the pivot point of your wrist further behind the limb pockets
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