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~ Bowtech CAPTAIN ('09) ~ virtually UNUSED!!

(Second attempt, unable to get picture to work with original post)
Hello, I am here under the advisement of one of my local archery shops. They spoke very highly of AT and suggested this would be the best route for me to take.
Here is what I have for sale:
> 2009 Bowtech Captain in Realtree Hardwoods/Green HD camo
-- Draw wt: 70 lbs
-- Draw length: 29 in
-- A to A: 34 in
-- IBO speed: 315 - 323 fps
> 13 (qty) Easton Flatline DOA Superlite Carbon arrows, 3 (qty) Gold Tip Ultralight's
-- Size: 400
-- Length: 27.25 in
> 3 (qty) NAP Spitfire mechanical broadheads
-- 3 blades per broadhead
-- NEW, attached to arrows but never fired
-- NEW in package, 3 (qty) complete sets of replacement blades
> Kwikee Kwiver quick release arrow quiver
-- holds 4 arrows
-- Realtree Hardwoods/Green HD camo
> Cobra TA bow site
-- 3-pins, fiber optic
-- Realtree Hardwoods/Green HD camo
> QAD Ultra-Rest ProSeries drop-away arrow rest
-- orignal package, instruction/set-up booklet and DVD
> 3 (qty) releases
-- Scott Archery "Shark" trigger release
-- TruFire Hurricane Glove trigger release
-- misc velcro trigger release
> Primos soft case
-- exterior: one large zipper closure arrow pocket, one smaller pocket on reverse side
-- interior: two zipper closure mesh pockets, integrated pads at each end to rest bow risers on, velcro straps to hold bow in place
> Primos bow sling (camo)
-- very light weight, compact and protects the string and cables in transport afield
I am looking to sell everything all together as one complete package.
I am asking $600 for the entire package. (Reasonable offers will be considered.)
My story:
Graduated from college, I got a good job, had some income, so decided to get into bow hunting. Purchased the bow new from a pro bow shop close to where I lived at the time. Sent about 20 practice shots in a block in my backyard, then I put one through the fence. I decided against that practice location. Time went on and I found myself working more and more, having no time pick the bow back up and practice.
I took the bow hunting one time, got winded by a doe that came in from down wind. After that I got discouraged and lost the drive to continue.
Life moved on, I got married, had a few kids, and worked a lot more. I've never gotten around to picking the bow back up. It has sat in its case on the top shelf in my close for many years.
Aside from the few practice shots I took upon first purchasing the bow, it has NOT been used.
The ONLY!! cosmetic flaw is a small paint chip around the lower cam screw, which was there when I purchased the bow.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
In advance, THANK YOU for taking the time to view my posting.

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TTT... Hit me with a reasonable offer. Really NICE bow, unused.
Great for someone starting out, everything is here.
Upgrade your existing bow. Would get an unused, basically new bow (w/extras, all set up).
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