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What is your choice of western back country clothing

Back country clothing

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Right now I have a smorgasbord of clothing and am looking to downsize to what I will actually need and use. Much of my clothing I don't wear. I would like to hear from those who have tried any of the three brands listed(sitka, russell apx, Under Armour). Say what you like/do not like. What type of elements you hunted in.
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I was much in the same boat as you...Once I really started to use Sitka and understand the system of layering and movement it clicked! I've hunted from August through January in it and it's performed as well or better than I expected...Everyone hit's on the cost! If you know where to look (Classifieds) CamoFire and year end sales it's very resonable for a great hutning system...

Weight breathablity plus the ablity to dry extremely fast are just some of the factors to it...The Optifade in open country is great, blends very vell in sage and grasses!


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I don't have any Sitka, but I have a layering system that's similar and works about the same... here it is:
Base Layers:
First Lite Merino Wool or Under Armour Evolution (I take both on elk hunts)

First Layers:
Cabelas Microtex pants and button down shirt (they have light and heavy weights.. this stuff is tough as iron and dries lightning fast)

Top Layer:
Browning MicroFleece top

Reatree Big game GoreTex soft shell coat (very similar to the Sitka Coldfront)

Packable Rain Gear:
Realtree Gore Tex quiet rain gear (Diablo Outdoors)
This stuff is really nice... equal to Sitka StormFront but quieter

I generally don't wear the Big Game coat unless its REALLY cold. I almost always wear the Browning MicroFleece
and carry the packable rain gear. Putting the rain gear over the fleece is about as warm as I ever need to be while
elk hunting (moving). If I stop and rest or if at night, I'll throw the Big Game coat on over the fleece.

This setup is very quick to dry, breathes fantastic, and is quiet, durable and affordable.


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None of the above.

I have Patagonia midweight (Cap 2) base layer with Patagonia heavyweight (Cap 3) on the cold days.

Top that off with poly Predator pants and a poly Predator top and you are good to go.

If you hit really cold temps, slide a fleece Predator jacket and you are good to go.

I looked at the Sitka and while I think it is of the best quality, what I have now seems to work fine, so why fix?

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I have not used sitka but have many friends that do, and most are very satisfied. I really like the feel of the russel outdoors line. Very very light! i go with the scent free base layer (L1) and then jump to the scent free fleece jacket and pants (L3) and then jump up to the cylcon which is essentially rain gear (L5) you WILL NOT get wet! the coldest so far was nothing fancy yet. about thirty degree morning and fifty five degree days but have been on some great hikes, and it breathes amazing and is just plain comfy!

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Sitka gets the nod on pants due to fit, but the APX stuff is well made, light weight, and good quality. Buying new I will go with APX for everything but pants.

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i have had a couple of sitka pieces and i really enjoyed the tight fit and the finish, but for the cost i went to the apxg2 and have been able to pick up an entire line in the mots for a very reasonable price, from the base layer all the way to the l5 rain and insulated gear. and as already stated when used appropriately they are great. i like walking into the stands in minimal clothing and then adding the insulated gear when cold. i will say that i found the sitka line to be a little more technical, pit zips etc and when comparing levels, say their 90%/celsius to the l4 gale in the apxg2 i found the sitka to be more wind resistant. if i had the lines sitting around in equal amounts and wanted to get rid of one i would keep the sitka, but if i was going to start from scratch buiding a sys i would buy the apxg2 for the bang for the buck and without skimping much on quality or features, as that is what i did.

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I have Sitka...only because I was able to get some great deals on the Celsius Jacket and 90% pants on Camofire. Good stuff so complaints. As a matter of fact Camofire was just blowing out some of the older Sitka lines in MM last night for some great prices. They had Celsius jackets for $90. I've also seen the Russell gear on there really cheap as well and was really tempted.
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