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So, I hunt because I love being outside and for the responsibility associated with taking responsibility for the life that I take by eating meat. However, when a nice buck walks by, it is hard to pass up. Admittedly I am not a great hunter and so I just get excited when I see a deer. Early November I was sitting in my stand enjoying a morning outside when a few does ran by. A little later a few more does started hanging out around my stand. A doe eventually walked pass a few trees and gave me a perfect broadside at 5 yards. She was just hanging out eating and flicking her tail around. I was about to draw when I started thinking that I would wait a moment to see what was chasing following all of the does. Then I saw this dude walk out. I couldn't see how big he was, but he looked like he might be worth waiting for. A few minutes later, the doe at 5 yards looked up and spotted me. I tried to stand as still as I could with my bow infront of me to break up my pattern. She didn't bolt but started stomping and staring. I figured that my morning was over but she hung around, just stomping at the ground and staring at me. It felt like an eternity, but after several minutes of this she eventually had enough and ran off. Again, I figured that the buck would follow but he meandered into my shooting lane at 30 yards, had it been a any other conditions I would have passed on the shot, but he stood perfectly still and at a perfect broadside while I drew and releeased. He kicked and ran off, as did about 8 other deer that I hadn't seen but were hanging out with him. After a 30 minute wait, I went down and only spotted a little tough of hair and a drop of blood. We waited another half an hour and started tracking him. Eventually a light blood trail appeared. We found the arrow about 70 yards away. The blood trail improved and we found him about 150 yards away with a lung shot. Needless to say, I was glad I passed on the doe.


Here he is next to (what I consider) a decent 8 point from a few years ago.


As usual, wondering a bit about scoring... he is a 4x6. When you are figuring gross score two tines come out of the main beam at the same spot. One of them points in, the other points up. I assume that I count the one going up as a normal tine, and the one going inward as an abnormal point? I know that home scoring is generally over-estimated but I figure I will try to get a ball park estimate. His inside spread is over 21" and the circumference of 85% of the main beam is over 5" and so I expect that he will score well (any guesses?)
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